Seeking smaller needles


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I’ve been slowly working on making my dolls smaller, currently they’re a little over an inch tall and I’m getting stuck as commercial knitting needles just don’t come small enough. I’ve found a source for teeny-tiny needles though, so I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to order some and start on some insanely little things.

In the meantime….


Nem_maskoff_small Nem_maskon_small

New dolls


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I know, it’s been forever. The level of chaotic busy that my life frequently becomes and starting a new job has everything pushed to one the side, and you should just see how immaculate my house isn’t. It’s a new school year, and I have one starting her final year of high school, one starting his first year of high school, and one left behind for her first year all on her lonesome without siblings at primary school.

Anyway, I have had time (usually while waiting to pick up the impspawns from various locations, because I can’t just sit around nothing-ing) to knock off a couple more dolls, Eightycats and Ataraxia. I’m extremely happy with this little kilted guy, it’s one of the few times the reality has lived up to what my imagination was aiming for.


Ataraxia perspective

Bewitching purple witching


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We’re hiking back a wee bit for this doll, too. Who needs continuity, anyway?

This little one was another early experiment, just to see if I could. The first hat didn’t work too well, and although the kitty is kinda cute… it’s awfully ad hoc. The inspiration for this came from a gorgeous lady’s witchy avatar, and she’ll be on her way to a new home very shortly. Just as soon as I steal her back from the thirdspawn again…

Dexla, Faeree and Faeree’s brother.


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Rant over, feelgood time.

These three dolls I should have posted earlier, they’re the first ones that I really started impressing myself with the making things up as I go along. They’re more complex, and tailoring them to their pictures was a lot of fun.


Dexla is a wonderfully generous pirate freely giving of her time and pixel goodies to run fun events for everyone to enjoy. Creating her in knitted form was fun and I bounced for days, being so happy with what I’d managed to achieve. Her portrait can be found here.

Faeree's brother

Faeree’s brother was made on a whim, in response to a bit of silliness, summed up best here, and here.

Since the lovely Faeree was kind enough to let me send her the little brother-doll, I surprised her with one of her own. As she’s successfully designed egg furniture items for ingame, I went with a portrait featuring her prize phoenix egg, here. I just love how her hair turned out! And the little egg! Yes, okay, I’m still bouncing over this one =D

WTF, Karma?

Yurr. It’s kind of been a long week. I blame Apple.

Not because they deserve it or anything, I mean, I’ve tried to end my love affair with the iphone a couple of times now, and I’m afraid I’m hopelessly lost - but that’s where it all started. Last Wednesday, I booted Samsung to the curb and bought an out-of-warranty replacement for my old, screen-shattered, can’t-click-to-accept-the-update iphone3. All good, very easy, staff were lovely, quick sticks in and out, only I got lost on the way home. From an area I’ve worked in regularly. What should have been a 30-40 minute drive took an hour and a half. It was at this point that I should have realised, this story wasn’t going to end well.

Now, of course the first thing I need to do for my precious little bundle of glass-encased joy is make sure it has some protection, right? Of course. So off we go, Monday now, because every day in between has been hijacked by various combinations of spawns going in three different directions, interrupted sleep, migraines, appointments, birthdays, mothers, husbands, Christmas parties and assorted other large volumes of taxi driving 27 hours a day, and it’s not until Monday that I finally manage to actually set foot inside a store. I enjoy the opportunity to stand still for a minute or two while 2 other customers are taken care of, when *ring ring* goes the new bundle of joy, and off one must rush to another higher priority demand. Oh well, tomorrow, maybe.

No time to cook dinner today, so while grabbing something awfully unhealthy during a quick break between responsibilities, I check some messages while I wait for my order. A charming older couple are smiling and laughing at each other, and I was just thinking how really nice it is to see two people so happy together… when the stool the lady was sitting on collapsed. I dropped my phone onto the table next to me so I could check if she was okay, and turned back to see my pride and joy slide off the table and shatter on the tiled floor. AGAIN.

5 days. I probably shouldn’t trust myself with another one.

Coincidentally, I’ve been doing nice things for nice people all week. Screw you, universe, YOU CAN’T STOP ME. Because kindnesses give warm fuzzies far more powerful than your evil-Karma-act can counteract. Also, sometimes nice people do nice stuff back and today I got a lovely card in the mail as thanks for a pretty little doll. AND, the lady whose stool collapsed was okay, and she was more important than the phone anyway. So there.

Ivy and the Octopi


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You can see the picture this little darling was modelled from here.

I’m at the point where I just can’t get a good enough colour range in “normal” knitting yarns, especially when I prefer to work in cotton and rayon. So, I’ve started experimenting with cross stitch and embroidery threads. And very. Very. VERY. tiny crochet hooks. This is my first experiment with 6-stranded cottons.

Here’s an in-progress size comparison with one of the previous dolls.

And, because I’ve worked out a nifty little pattern for these myself and they’re impossibly tiny… and my favourite. While the other pieces in this design are knitted with the full 6 strands of thread, the octos are crocheted with a single strand.

One, two, skip a few…


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There were a bunch more dolls I’ve already made that I’ve been meaning to do a story on, and then I got distracted, and then things improved dramatically, and now we have this.

Isn’t she just adorable? I’m IMPossibly IMPressed with myself. She’s based on this lovely and talented lady from a recent and amazing nearby amateur production. Her costume is quite exact, although *this* costume isn’t in those pictures to compare to! You’ll just have to take my word for it :)


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